Spring is a beautiful period where life starts all over again leaving behind the feeling of cold gloomy nights. Color palates changes gradually from darker shades to lighter tones gives out a feeling of growth and new beginnings.

Inspiration :
From the Nordic country side, the scenic changes during this time projects a vibrant colourful scene that reflects
on to the night skies and over the terrain. The energy emitted during each change gives us different feelings of life and energises us for new beginnings.

Magma Orange 01

Mist Grey 05

Moss Green 04

Polar Purple 02

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Hussar Hexagon

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From the beautiful settings of Nordic landscape, comes this series that depicts the scenes from the ocean, countryside and highlands.

Inspiration :
The scenic view from all over the region that projects nature’s beauty and vastness.


Bark Edge

Bark Plus


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Young, Energetic and Vibrant. Its energy that produces a lively atmosphere that encourages movements and progression.

Inspiration :
Observation of young and energetic people who are not afraid to express their individuality and creative minds. Often seen in the fashion and music society. They are full of enthusiasm and creativity.

Ombre (25cm X 100cm)

Ombre (50cm X 50cm)

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Colorful shades of life from autumn, Spring, summer and winter

Inspiration :
Season changes brings new spectrum of light and scenes in our lives. It shows that we are not at a standstill and we are always evolving. The spectrum of vibrant colors projected in each season shows us that nature has its own way of evolving and progressively improving itself.





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